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News | 27-09-2021 10:15

HealthyIoT 2021 is the eighth edition of an international scientific event series dedicated to the Internet of Things and Healthcare.

News | 23-09-2021 12:29

Herman Tavani  and Jeff Buechner (Rutgers University)  are co-guest-editing a special issue of the journal Information, titled Concepts of Ethics and Their Application to AI. 

News | 15-06-2021 21:05

The team of the ResisTIC project (“The Net Resisters: Criticizing and escaping digital coercion in Russia”, funded by the French National Agency for Research-ANR /, releases a call for papers for the international conference “Criticism and circumvention of control and surveillance on the Internet”.

News | 28-05-2021 18:39

The Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford is looking for a Senior Researcher on Responsible Robotics for the Digital Economy: Robotips - **Deadline is 14 June (at noon, UK time)**

News | 25-05-2021 19:00

The AI + Society Initiative invite emerging scholars in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and regulation to participate in a workshop where they will be granted the opportunity to present their draft paper to leading scholars in the field of AI and the law.

News | 20-05-2021 10:24

The AI + Society Initiative at the University of Ottawa is seeking candidates for a Scotiabank Postdoctoral Fellowship on AI and Inclusion.

News | 16-04-2021 10:47

Understanding the capacities and limitations of complex new technologies like AI calls for more than just a technical perspective. June 16-18, 2021. Register for the conference at this link. Early-bird pricing is available until April 30, 2021.

News | 02-02-2021 20:27

INSEIT announces its liaison and collaboration with the EU project SIENNA on Technology, Ethics and Human Rights.

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