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Luciano Floridi: 2012-2013 Weizenbaum Award Recipient

News | 18-07-2014 18:38

Luciano Floridi, 2012-2013 Weizenbaum Award Recipient:

It is with great honor that INSEIT announces the 2012-2013 Weizenbaum Award Winner: Dr. Luciano Floridi. We had three amazing candidates this year, and the committee was hard pressed to determine the recipient.

We are proud that Dr. Floridi continues his work in the field of information and computer ethics and contributes above and beyond to the profession. The board and membership of INSEIT is proud to share in this well-deserved celebration with him.
We share with you portions from his nomination letter:

"Since 2009, Luciano has served as UNESCO Chair in Information and Computer Ethics.  Since 2007, he has been Professor of Philosophy, Research Chair in Philosophy of Information, Department of Philosophy, University of Hertfordshire.  He is also Distinguished Research Fellow, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Fellow by special election, St Cross College, Oxford, Research Associate and Fellow in Information Policy, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, and a senior member of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford.

Since 2010, Luciano has served at the Editor –in-Chief of  Philosophy and Technology (Springer) and is a member of the editorial boards of Ethics and Information Technology (Springer), Etica e Politica (Department of Philosophy, University of Trieste), International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction (Springer), Minds and Machines (Springer), Synthese (subject editor – philosophy of computing and information) (Springer), Telematics & Informatics (Elsevier), The Information Society (associate editor - philosophy of information). Columnist for The Philosopher’s Magazine.

In 2012 Luciano was named Chairman of the expert group, organised by the DG INFSO of European Commission, on the impact of information and communication technologies on the digital transformations occurring in the European society.  He has also been a Member of the Ethics Strategic Panel of the British Computer Society.

In the past, Luciano was elected President of the International Association of Computing And Philosophy (IACAP, 2006-2010), member of the Executive Board of the International Society for Ethics and Information Technology (INSEIT, 2006-2010), Vice-President of IACAP (2003-2006), member of the American Philosophical Association Committee on Philosophy and Computers (PAC, 2000-2004), Vice-chairman of Interacta, the Italian Association for Interactive Communication (1996-1997). Founder and Director of the Italian Web Site for Philosophy (SWIF, 1995-2008).

His articles are too numerous to mention.  He has been an invited speaker and given keynote addresses at all the major ethics conferences and is booked well into 2013.  I could go on and on, but all of us who have worked in this field know his work quite well.  Lucicano’s work has served to inspire all of us who write in the field of ICT to critically examine where this field is taking us.  This is what Joseph Weizenbaum asked us to do in 1984.    He is richly deserving of this award."

Dr. Floridi will receive the award and present the Weizenbaum lecture at the CEPE 2013 conference in Lisbon, in June 2013.

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