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News | 19-04-2023 12:36

The Center for Digital Ethics at Yale University, directed by Prof. Luciano Floridi, is recruiting full-time, postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers, from a variety of backgrounds, to join this multidisciplinary center newly established at Yale, to investigate the Governance, Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (GELSI) of digital technologies.

News | 01-12-2022 09:41

The winner of the 2022 prestigious international Weizenbaum Award has been awarded on November 30, 2022, by the three - member Weizenbaum Award Adjudication Committee to Philip Brey, Professor at the University of Twente. 

News | 17-06-2022 14:20

Position: Postdoc (20-month position) in ethics of autonomous vehicles, with special attention to ethical analysis of human factors in trust in autonomous vehicles

News | 01-06-2022 10:46

The effects of ICT on human beings as well as the interaction between ICT, individuals, and society are all within the focus of this conference. Both analyses of interactions and effects are important. Changes in behaviour, perspectives, values, competencies, human and psychological aspects and feelings are all of interest. Reflections on past, present, and future challenges - especially planning to handle the future - are encouraged.

News | 18-05-2022 18:59

The Hub team cordially invites you to participate in the world's first international conference examining how immersive technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) may affect international affairs. We highly encourage you to join us in person at the Elliott School. In-person attendees will be able to try out several virtual reality experiences on devices provided by Meta, the US Army, and the US Airforce. They will also be able to network and interact directly with speakers and other attendees during Q&A periods, meals, and coffee breaks.

News | 12-05-2022 14:50

The Call for Participation for DigiSem 2022 – Digitalisation Research Seminar on “Data Literacy – Key competence for a fair digital society?” is now open until *17 June 2022*.


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