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Bouchagiar George

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Attorney-at-Law, Research Fellow on Data Protection & IP

Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam; University of Antwerp

George Bouchagiar is an attorney-at-law, an author and a researcher.

He graduated from Athens Law School (Greece) and has completed a number of courses, including “Copyright for Educators & Librarians” and “Copyright for Multimedia” (Duke University, Emory University & The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), “Internet Giants: The Law and Economics of Media Platforms” (The University of Chicago), “America’s Unwritten Constitution” and “America’s Written Constitution” (Yale University), “Revolutionary Ideas: Utility, Justice, Equality, Freedom” (University of Pennsylvania), “Advertising and Society” (Duke University), “International Cyber Conflicts” (The State University of New York), “Philosophy and the Sciences: Introduction to the Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences” (The University of Edinburgh), “Children’s Human Rights-An Interdisciplinary Introduction” (University of Geneva), “Constitutional Struggles in the Muslim World” (University of Copenhagen), “Introduction to Key Constitutional Concepts and Supreme Court Cases” (Penn University of Pennsylvania), “Corruption” (Wharton University of Pennsylvania) and “Framework for data collection and analysis” (University of Maryland).

He has been practicing law since 2012 (privacy, data protection, intellectual property, internet law cases) and has been tutoring and lecturing as a research fellow (Information Law: Personal Data Protection/Intellectual Property; General Principles of Law) at the Ionian University (School of Informatics and Information Science) since 2018. He has also organized (chair) national and international conferences (on bio-ethics, personal data, ICT, etc).

He publishes regularly in international journals (on personal data, Big Data, intellectual property, commercial law, management of copyright, information law, competition law, fundamental human rights, art, public domain, etc) and presents in international conferences (on personal data, cloud computing, Intellectual Property, etc).

In 2018, he earned a high honors degree (9.8; Master of Science; Management of Cultural Property and New Technologies; Ionian University; School of Informatics and Information Science) and completed his practice on Information Law, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Copyright Law (Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam; University of Antwerp).

George holds a LLM from the University of Tilburg and is a PhD candidate, under full scholarship, at the University of Luxembourg.

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