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The CEPE conference series is recognized as one of the premier international events on computer and information ethics attended by delegates from all over the world.

Conferences are held about every 24 months, alternating between Europe and the United States. INSEIT is the main organizer/sponsor of the CEPE series.

CEPE 2000, June 25-27, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, US

CEPE 2003, June 28, Boston College, Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry

CEPE 2005, July 17-19, University of Twente, Sixth International Conference of Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry 2005

CEPE 2007, Values Institute, University of San Diego, US, Seventh International Conference of Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry

CEPE 2009, Corfu, Greece, The 8th International Conference on Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry 2009

CEP 2011, May 31 to June 3, 2011, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

CEPE 2013, Autonoma University Lisbon, Portugal

CEPE 2014 Paris France

CEPE-IACAP 2015, June 22-25, Newark, Delaware, US

CEPE 2017/ETHICOMP Torino Italy, Polytechnic of Torino, June 2017

CEPE 2019, May 2017, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

CEPE/IACAP 2021, July 5-9, Hamburg, Germany - virtual conference

CEPE 2023, May 16-18, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA


Contact Information

INSEIT’s institutional support comes from the Ionian University - IHRC research team

Mailing Address:
IHRC-Ionian University,
School of Information Science
72 Ioannou Theotoki Street
Corfu 49100

c/o Keith Miller, Professor
UMSL, College of Education
1 University Boulevard
201 Education Admin. Building
St Louis MO 63121-4400
tel. (314) 516 4970

(t) +30 26610 87426
(f) +30 26610 46846

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